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sarahIn Ella-Jayne Murray's memory, please make a donation

The terrible news has reached us that 8 month old Ella-Jayne has died. Our sincere condolences go out to James, Sarah, their friends and family. Our thoughts are with them.

  • On justgiving.com, you can make a donation in memory of Ella. Although we as fans of Sarah obviously don't know her or E-J, I'm sure a donation cannot be a problem. There are various options. Just have a look at justgiving.com or at the Friends of PICU website.

sarah The Secret Life of Elephants

14-1-08 Only today I found out that Sarah is the narrator of a new documentary for BBC 1 titled 'the Secret Life of Elephants'. There are three episodes, one of which will be broadcast for the first time tonight.

14-01: 9 p.m GMT

21-01: 9 p.m GMT

For a complete schedule, please visit the BBC site here


Baby joy - interviews

Sarah is thrilled to be pregant (the sun) (click on the link)

Sarah Parish on GMTV

James talks about Sarah


Mistresses - On RTL 4 (Dutch television)

1-3-08 RTL was quick to buy MIstresses. Obviously it was a hit in the UK, so no wonder other countries show intrest in it! For those of you who live in Holland or Belgium, you can see Mistresses on Monday's at 9.30 p.m (RTL 4) This is the RTL website for Mistresses


Mistresses - DVD on sale and second series!

27-2-08 The first series of Mistresses is on sale in various stores. Even better news is that there will be a secon series next year. I'll keep you posted on when and where filming starts (possibly in August).

Click on the image to find screen caps of Episode 1 and Episode 2 of Mistresses.

It seems like MIstresses is very popular. 4.9 m people (in the UK) watched the first episode. The opening hour-long episode held a largely steady audience throughout but couldn't quite match the channel's slot average for last year of 5m (21.4%). The show though only aired in England and Wales. It airs in Scotland on Friday at the same time.

The five-part drama from Ecosse Films was a big hit with upmarket ABC1 viewers with 51.6% of the show's audience coming from that demographic.

Mistresses failed to appeal to younger viewers though with just 17.7% of its audience aged between 16 and 34. The weighted average age of the viewer was 50.

The show had a strong attraction for women. 64% of the drama's audience were female. (Source: broadcastnow.co.ul)


Sarah and James are expecting their first child :)

27-12-07 Various sources confirm that Sarah is pregnant. Such happy news :) "The 39-year-old actress, who married Primeval star James Murray, 33, in December, will give birth in the summer, according to the Daily Mirror.

A spokeswoman told the newspaper Sarah is 'delighted'.

It seems the actress has already been spotted happily showing off her bump while out shopping for maternity clothes near her London home."

Check this link for an article about Mistresses.

sky mag tv ch rtc

sarah parish

She's back! And how! Sarah plays Katie in Mistresses. Mistresses airs on Tuesday's, BBC 1, 9 p.m.


You can find the official website HERE.

On this website, more information can be found HERE.

THIS is where you can find pictures, or links to pictures.

More information about co-star Sharon Small can be found at www.sharonsmall.org

The BBC Pressoffice is a good source to find episode summaries (up to 3 weeks ahead).

Please send your review of Mistresses to myrthe@sarahparish.nl Reviews will be added to the website a.s.a.p

Enjoy tonight's episode!



Radio Times

27-12-07 The new Radio Times is now available. In it (and on the cover) are bits and pieces about Mistresses, which first episode is to air early in January (Tuesday, 8). Get your own copy to read the article. Screencaps of Mistresses will be available as soon as possible. Coming soon: a new section on this website, dedicated to Mistresses. Visit again soon to see it.

For now, happy holidays and a wonderful New Year!

james murraySarah Murray???

21-12-07 Ok, ok....I've kept some news from you. But, now that it is on the internet everywhere anyway, I can just as well tell you. On the 15th of December, Sarah got married, to James Murray of course. They got married in Hampshire. Congratulations, Sarah and James!


sarahMistresses on DVD in February!!

17-12-07 Mistresses will be released on DVD (region 2) on February 4, 2008. You can pre-order at Amazon.co.uk. It looks like someone is trying to make up for the fact that it took 6 YEARS to release Hearts and Bones on DVD (on sale since November 2007) because in all probability, Mistresses will be released on DVD before all episodes have been broadcast, or only just a day or 2 after.... A round of applause for auntie Beeb!

sarahGuestbook is back online!

17-12-07 As you may have noticed the guestbook has been offline for some time. I apologise for not fixing it any sooner. Messages posted in the old guestbook will be online shortly, but for now there is a whole new place for you to leave your comments! You can find it on the website (click here) or online elsewhere if your browser does not support frames.

sarahMistresses in week 2 of 2008

12-12-07" Katie is a woman consumed by grief making some very bizarre choices. I always find parts like that very interesting to play – when people do things they really shouldn't do. sarah parish

The fallibility of people, I think, is fascinating. On the outside Katie's such a professional, moral, upstanding person and to see her fall from grace so dramatically is quite an appealing role to portray."

Read the rest of the interview at bbc.co.uk/pressoffice

More details coming soon!

sarahSarah Parish voices new ad for Engage Mutual

09-6-07 Engage Mutual Assurance launched a new TV campaign using the voice of actress Sarah Parish of 'Cutting It' to appeal to real people. You can vieuw a preview of the ad here:



09-5-07 Just as I was thinking that we'd have to wait until Mistresses is going to be broadcast before I could put some good news on this page, I got an email from Shari (fan of Michael Fassbender, who played Hermann in Hearts and Bones). You'll never guess what it said! ....allright, I won't keep you wondering any longer... HEARTS AND BONES IS FINALLY GOING TO BE RELEASED ON DVD!!!!!!!!

Not only good news because my own copy of Hearts and Bones is old, but because most fans of Sarah only became a fan after seeing Cutting It or shows she starred in after that, so they never got the chance to even see Hearts and Bones. Well, only 2 more months...

Follow this link to find more information on Amazon.com.

Happy watching and don't be shy and send in your reviews!

sarahSex, the City and me -

This interview with Sarah was published recently in tv and satellite week:

What can you tell us about Sex, the City and Me?
Things are going great when my character Jess falls pregnant. After the birth, she hires a nanny and goes back to work full-time. But her boss’s attitude changes and she is fired. Her world falls apart and she decides to take her case to a tribunal. It’s a great role and I have had a fantastic time filming it, but it has been tough and exhausting. (READ MORE)

Don't forget to watch Sex, the CIty and me, tomorrow (06/17/07) at 9 p.m on BBC 2

sarahMistresses - press release

You can read a press release here: BBC Pressoffice

More information coming soon.

sarah parish

Sex and the City has been renamed Sex, the City and me. Coming soon to BBC 2 (june 17, bbc 2 9 p.m)


05-14-07 I can now confirm that Sarah will indeed star in Mistresses. The following article was published in Metro last friday:

All-star cast for new TV series
Friday, May 11, 2007

Sarah Parish is among the all-star cast for a new BBC drama

Sarah Parish, Orla Brady, Sharon Small and Shelley Conn are set to star a sexy new drama for BBC One.

The show, for Ecosse Films, follows four women who are all involved in a string of illicit and complex relationships.

And it explores how the different thirty-something friends - a devoted mistress, wronged wife, unwitting instigator and commitment-phobe - view love.

(Read More here)


04-17-07Apologies for forgetting to give you the link to the screencaps of the director's debut documentary...here it is: Screen Caps

Mistresses: Filming will start in May. There is still no confirmation that Sarah will actually be in it. "Sex and the City" is now in post-production.

sarahDirector's Debut Screen caps

03-19-07 Screen caps of the documentary about Sarah's first attempt at being a director will be available on this website some time this week. (This will also include a number of screen caps of Baby Boom, including one of Sarah's cameo appearance in it). Eventually (part of) the documentary will also be available in written form. We'll keep you posted about possible future projects of Sarah as director.

sarahDirector's Debut: Baby Boom

03-11-07 Baby Boom (Directed by Sarah Parish) will be broadcast this Friday (16 March) on BBC1 at 2.05 p.m GMT. It will be directly followed by a documentary (made my Maverick) which follows Sarah on her path to becoming a director.

Summary Baby Boom: (source: BBC)
Drama about two couples who become involved in the complex world of fertility in the 21st century.

Eve and husband Jed have tried everything to fill the baby-shaped hole in their lives but nothing has worked, so Eve's mother Theresa offers to carry the baby for her.
Ben and Tara are the rich, perfect couple who had it all, until Ben hits 40, and realises that he wants a child. Tara isn't maternal and faces a stark choice - risk losing her man or sacrifice her career to have his baby.


Recovery Screen Caps are now online. Find them here (or click on the pictures)

When can I see Sarah on television?


21 jan. BBC 2: Sex, the City and Me (11.20 p.m)

February 2009: Mistresses series 2!!
sarah parish

Looking for screencaps from Much Ado? Find them here!
Liked Much Ado? Send in your review here!

sarahSarah in Mistresses and Sex and the City

02-26-07 A number of new projects are in the making. "Sarah Parish is being lined up for a new BBC1 primetime drama series about infidelity" (The Stage). It'll be an eight part series produced by Ecosse Films for BBC One. The title of the series will be Mistresses.

Another production (working title sex and the city) will star Sarah as Jess, a highflying city trader who falls pregnant. Sarah Lancashire, Ben Miles and Raza Jaffrey will also star in this single drama produced for BBC Two. It's due to be filmed and broadcast later this year.

-The Stage: Parish in talks to return to BBC1 primetime in Mistresses
- Ecosse Films
- The Stage: Parish to lead BBC2’s city scandal drama

sarahAward-worthy stuff

02-25-07 Basically everyone who has already seen Recovery is full of praise. So don't forget to watch Recovery tonight. It's on at 9p.m GMT, BBC One. There is another interview with Sarah online. Follow this link to read it:

- Manchester Evening News
- Article on IC wales.co.uk
- Recovery Website

Headway - The Brain Injury Association
Helpline: 0808 800 2244
Website: www.headway.org.uk
BBC Health

David Tennant and Sarah Parish starred in Recovery. 25 February. 9p.m. BBC 1

Read an interview in this week's issue of the Radio Times!

View soms caps of Wednesday's BBC Breakfast here (added courtesy of Sarah (David-Tennant.com))

(new!) There is also an interview with Sarah in this week's issue of The Stage

Watch the trailer


Peak Practice repeats on ITV3

02-18-07 I'd just like to bring to your attention the fact that ITV is showing repeats of old Peak Practice episodes. They're currently showing season 6 on weekdays around 11.30 a.m. These episodes where the ones in which Sarah played Dawn Rudge. Tomorrow's episode will be number 18 out of the 30 Sarah played in. Tune in if you get the chance, it's always nice to see some early career things. If you can't, you can always have a look at the screen caps here.

- ITV3 website
- Peak Practice on ITV
- Screen caps

sarahTransmission date for Recovery

02-10-07 Recovery has finally been given a transmission date, or at least a transmission week. It will be broadcast in week 9 (24 Feb - 2 Mar) on BBC1. For more information, please visit the BBC Pressoffice website.
It has now been announced that Recovery will be broadcast Sunday 25 Feb, BBC 1 at 9 p.m.

- BBC Pressoffice
- BBC Drama
- BBC Recovery website
- Watch a Preview!

sarahBAFTA screening of Recovery

02-06-07 There will be a BAFTA screening of Recovery Wednesday 14th February 2007.

18:15 Reception
18:45 Screening
Princess Anne Theatre
Dir: Andy de Emmony
Scr: Tony Marchant
Cast: David Tennant / Sarah Parish / Harry Treadaway / Jacob Theato / Jay Simpson
A Tiger Aspect Production for BBC One
Followed by a Q&A with Tony Marchant and members of the crew.
In this powerful drama from BAFTA-winning writer Tony Marchant, David Tennant and Sarah Parish star as happily married couple Alan and Tricia Hamilton. He's the head of a building firm and on top of his game, and she's a part-time beautician and a mother to their two sons. One day their perfect, if unremarkable, life is torn apart when Alan steps out in front of a passing car after a last minute decision to pop out for a quick drink. The resulting accident leaves him in a deep coma but with remarkably few physical injuries. Desperately worried, Tricia is delighted when he comes round, only to discover that the man she loved has disappeared. His behaviour has changed, he's lost all of his inhibitions and he veers from angry and frustrated to vulnerable and childlike. Their relationship is put under intolerable stress as Tricia tries to find the husband she loves - while fearing that she may have lost him forever.
Booking: To reserve a place in advance, please e-mail events@bafta.org or call
020 7292 5858.
Academy Members: Free
Non-Members:   £10

- BAFTA website
- David-tennant.com

sarahFrom actor to director

01-22-07 As you may have read in one of the interviews I've posted here before, Sarah is trying to get her production company Benny Productions off the ground and become a director as well. The BBC has now schedueled Baby Boom, Sarah's first project as a director to be broadcast this year as a part of the 'Director's Debut' series.You can read more about it on the BBC Pressoffice website.

Also, Maverick is making a (30 minute) documentary about Sarah's switch from actor to director! Something else to look forward to.

sarahSome interviews

01-11-07 Here are some interviews that have been published (fairly) recently. You've probably already read them, but in case you haven't: enjoy!

The Kicks of the Spider Woman

"Sarah Parish has been hankering to play an alien. “And not one that looks like a human,” she says firmly, as she sits sipping a cup of tea in the Grosvenor House Hotel, in Central London. Known for her roles as wry, waspish women — most famously Allie, on BBC One’s Cutting It — she’s been desperate to play someone, or something, “universe-killingly evil”..... "(read more here)

Morecambe and Spies

"My favourite TV, growing up at Christmas, was always Morecambe and Wise - me and mum and dad would sit and watch them. They always had really good guests - I can't forget Angela Rippon doing that great high-kicking dance and Glenda Jackson as Cleopatra - they really mixed things up." (read more here)

60 seconds: Sarah Parish

I play a baddie, the Empress of Rachnos, who is half human and half spider. It’s me from the waist up, covered in prosthetics, with the huge back end of the spider. It makes a change from playing hairdressers. I’ve always wanted to play a baddie in Doctor Who, so I was very excited to get the part. It took four hours to get the prosthetics on, then I’d be hoicked into this great big spider. The days were quite long and uncomfortable but I’d love to do it again (read more here)

sarahDr Who: Runaway Bride coming soon

12-19-06 Although we may not recognise Sarah in her role as spider woman (The empress of Racnoss) in Dr Who, it's still something to look forward to. (Although she sounds really scary in the Dr Who trailers). You can read a little bit more about the empress in these articles/on these websites:

Yahoo News link: Dr Who unveils scariest monster
BBC Link: Tate's Christmas date with the Doctor
Official Dr Who Website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/doctorwho
(new!) BBC Somerset: Who's head of the class (with trailer and picture!) david sarah catherine

(new!) For those of you who missed it: follow this link (then scroll down to the bottom of the page) to see the BBC Breakfast interview with David Tennant, Sarah Parish and Catherine Tate.

(new!) Empress of Racnoss Wallpapers can be found: here! (on the official Dr Who website)

Sarah Parish Hurrah! 1st birthday of this website!

12-07-06 Exactly one year ago this website went online. I'd like to thank everyone who has visited this website and especially those who have emailed me with kind comments about the website and those who have taken the time to sign the guestbook or send me additional information/pictures. It's great to see how more and more people find this fansite and keep coming back to check for updates. I'd never expected this many visitors, although perhaps I should have since Sarah is of course a great actress with lots of fans! Also, I'd like to apologise to those who use Firefox and not IE. Although the texts are legible in Firefox, the design is sloppy. I do want to change this, but you'll have to be patient because I do not have a lot of time and I'm not a professional webdesigner so adjusting the website isn't that easy for me...Well, I hope I'm forgiven for all the other errors on the site as well and I hope you'll continue to watch all films and series Sarah's in and check back here every once in a while...Cheers, M

Review Problems... I noticed that close to 150 people have tried to submit a review. However, only one of them succeeded in actually sending the form. I would like to stress that the form isn't part of a dynamic page and thus it has to be send via your own email client (such as Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook). If you do not want to use the form, or if you are having trouble using it, you can also just email your review to reviews@sarahparish.nl Please choose as the subject of the email the show you are reviewing. I'm sorry for any inconvenience and I hope to receive many reviews from now on...

Sarah Parish The Holiday - coming soon!

12-02-06 Well, well. Only a week to go before The Holiday will be 'in the theaters'. Visit the official website to find out more about the characters and to make your own trailer. You can download a screensaver and see pictures of Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Jack Black and Kate Winslet. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot about Sarah's character on the website.

Sarah Parish

Recovery 2 & Loughborough University

11-05-06 Those of you who live in the UK and are students/staff of Loughborough University can get a preview of some scenes from Recovery at a screening&discussion with Tony Marchant, writer of Recovery. He'll be discussing 'effective/affective social drama', 'political writing, personal politics' and 'writing for industry: inside/outside the industry' this Thursday (11-9) You can find more info on the Loughborough Wesbite.

Sarah Parish Recovery....

11-05-06 I was a bit reluctant to post this news because I had some sort of vague hope that it wasn't true, but apparently Recovery won't be broadcast before spring 2007. For some unknown reason broadcast has been postponed several months. An exact broadcast date hasn't been set, but it doesn't seem likely that it'll appear on you television screens anytime soon. Luckily Sarah'll be back on our screens soon in "Runaway Bride" and even sooner she can also be seen on the 'big screen' in The Holiday.

Sarah Parish Quiet

11-02-06 Appologies from me for not updating the website on a more regular basis. Life has been/is very busy so other things tend to get in the way. Apart from that it has just been very quiet on the Sarah front. There is still no news about when Recovery will be broadcast and we're also still awaiting the release of the Holiday. Furthermore I've been having trouble with some software so I still haven't been able to upload the screencaps from Aftersun. Sorry for that. I promise to let you know if I have any news regarding any of the above. I've added a new page with links to video clips on YouTube featuring Sarah. You can find it here. Enjoy.

Sarah Parish Aftersun

09-08-06 Aftersun was just broadcast. What did you think? Leave your reviews here or share your thoughts about this comedy/drama on the forum.



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